New Year’s Checklist

Here’s a rundown of the creative process I went through for a New Year’s Checklist advert to make people phone their families on New Year’s day.

Two days before New Year’s Eve I got and email from Marketing and Revenue Manager:
do you have a appropriate backdrop we could use and fill text prompting guests to use their cell phones to call home and with their loved ones a happy new year.

I asked if he could give me exactly the copy he’d like to have and his response:
For the evening of NYE this…
Bring in 2012 in style onboard Liberty Of the Seas!

Formal Wear….Check!
Formal Photograph…Check!

Don’t forget to make a phone call to your loved ones back home to wish them a happy new year!

But in the early (or very late!) hours, to switch to just
HAPPY 2012!

Have you phoned your loved ones back home to wish them a happy new year?

I went through in my mind the various ways we have to display information. I could have an image of New Year’s fireworks or something to the right and then this text to the left. but that would be boring. I started to think of the various ways that I could literally show this.   I saw that he had a list there a check list to fill out. so why not show a literal checklist and in fact it could be seen around the list the various things that have been done already. So a formal wear could be seen as the cuff links of a tux on the hand holding the list and a champagne glass in the other hand.

I looked around a quick search to find some hands holding paper and then some champagne glasses that I could put together to show this idea. the ideal would have been to take a picture but I thought I could just put it together using stock images. I didn’t find any that could work but I did find some cartoons. Putting together the cartoons and the text I created at least a mock up of what it would look like.

After this I got approval for the concept from the Marketing and Revenue Manager.  He contacted the photo department and told them that I would be by to do this.  Setting up the shot was simple, i grabbed a sheet of paper from a housekeeper, the same paper that is left in a guest’s stateroom and could possibly be used for a to do list like this.  I had the idea to actually write it on the paper and take a photo but made sure to get plenty of blank paper and use at least a few blank shots to add the text later in photoshop.

Getting the champagne was easy. I went to the nearest bar to where we were shooting and asked for something that looked like Champagne, they gave me Ginger Ale. I had a female photographer with nice hands be the model and the big lug of a Bulgarian was the photographer. Ideally I would have liked a photo studio behind the paper to make it look like the person in the photo was just in the photo studio but when we lined up the shot it didn’t look so nice. So we went to a rainbow colored bridge and set up a beautiful shot.

After getting all the pictures. I selected one that had enough white space to do some text on.  I wrote in a hand writing font and then added a few underlines and check marks with a brush tool.  Tried to use a brush that looked like a sharpie and like the handwriting font as much as possible.  Then rasterized the text and distorted it to match the angle of the paper.

finally getting this simple way to communicate that people can call home on New Year’s Eve/Day.

All this was done in under 24 hours from instigation to conception to publishing.  Yet another Kamphey Approved design!


One thought on “New Year’s Checklist

  1. Superb thinking ! You’re a marketing genius. Your showing very keen creativity skills needed by many companies throughout the world. You got an A from me.

    Marty Offenther

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