Morning Earthquake in Los Angeles Is Like Every Morning on a Ship


Downtown View of LAThis morning’s earthquake felt a little strange to me. Maybe it was because it was my first official… “HOLY MOLY, Do we have to run out of this building right now?” feeling. Also it was because I was in the middle of sleeping and in that moment of rocking, shaking, I felt like I was back on a ship.

Spending five years on ships is one thing. Spending a year recovering is another.  I had flashbacks this morning to the ship. Every morning when we came into port, my room, entire life, would violently shake. This was normal. This was life aboard a ship.

a ship on the water
a ship on the water

For the first two years of my ship board career I had the most forward cabin possible. I lived just on the other side of the wall from the Carpenter shop, the Upholstery shop, and the Electric workshop. Drilling and working stopped early in the night, the partying next door might start, then the morning came and the ship’s bow thrusters jumped into action like nothing else could. The large turbines shooting water away so the ship could effortlessly glide into it’s dock. While all my top shelved dvds and stuff came tumbling down.

This morning I woke to my ship not docking.. but my building coming alive. The floor wobbling. My heart pounding because I thought in the darkness I was on a ship. How did I end up on a ship? I’m not on a ship. I’m in Los Angeles.

It’s not until just now, at this moment of writing that I feel like it was death defying.  Because it was such a daily occurrence, my body got used to it.  But I’m a Cali Boy now. Gotta get used to this new Earthquake awareness.

Did my life flash before my eyes? I was half asleep. I did think. Where is my fiancee? Oh she just signed on to a ship today. It’s her 6th contract and I’m so proud of her. A morning flirt with death and danger brings me back to her, now so far away. Still far away.

What will you do with your Post Earthquake day? It also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day so Party Harder everyone! We’ve lived!





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