Epcot before Epcot: A Hollywood Landmark – Crossroads of the World

The pictures begin in black & white or sepia. They are slightly faded but the history remains. It opened up just as all of Hollywood does now, with great fanfare, with star power. A ribbon was cut and the masses were ushered into Crossroads of the World an outdoor shopping plaza.

It was the 1930’s and those who came, bought. Those who came, walked around the world. From country to country you could get your bonnets and handkerchiefs from an Italian pavilion, or a Moroccan shaped store.
After a few decades the place fell into disrepair. In the 70’s a developer bought it and refurbished the place, rather restored it. Yet didn’t open it to shopping stores. Now it’s filled with production offices, and design firms, not looking for a swanky suite but rather four walls and some room to work.

But you can still visit Crossroads of the world today. It’s like walking in a mini Epcot Center. From country to country. From famous office to famous office. Hitchcock had an office here. Good Charlotte has an office here now. There are 2nd floor windows open with the sounds of typewriters or keyboards. Writers and producers making real Hollywood magic.


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