The new year brings new luck.. maybe.   We lost our money at the Pachinko slots.  But it wasn’t a lot. the room was smoky and these Pachinko machines seemed so complicated.  They weren’t as complicated as I thought but we still lost money and it wasn’t as fun as other gambling types.


Smoky the Bear says, “Only lung cancer can prevent gambling addiction!”

Japanese New Year

If you haven’t noticed then please check my youtube daily to get the Doc A day. Because I’ve started it doesn’t mean I’ll keep up with them.  The first few days have just been getting acclimated to the time change and New years.  Starting tomorrow and the next few days will be  whirlwind tour of friends and family, Yokohama and Tokyo.  Hopefully I’ll take time out of my day to update these little videos and hope you enjoy them.

Check out today’s video which got  a lot sillier than the first two.


If you haven’t seen the first two then here they are.

Ohiyo is spelled wrong apparently. I find this out the day after I made this. but okay.  I pronounce it like Ohio but again I think I’m wrong and it’s not really pronounced like that.


Florida to Yokohama

What else is there to do in an airport besides tweeting?  Posting in my blog of course.  That was a simple answer right?

Simpler is the fact that it’s on free wifi.  Free WiFi is such an amazing thing.  Not quite a miracle but it’s still amazing.  What is a miracle?  A miracle is that I’m going to be flung (yes flung) half way across the world within a day.  A G-O-D… Damn miracle.  A miracle of science.. of human endeavor.. of American spirit.  everything.  Yes I said it. America!

Through hardcore security, through bombs, through terror, through grabbing of junk.. Americans still want to fly. Still take to the skies Still get fondled in public.   Is it amazing that people forget or more amazing that in the face of danger Americans will laugh and say “oh it’s not going to happen to me.”  I’m on the fence about this one.

Falling asleep last night I had the idea to a Doc-A-Day…  a little few minutes of video of this trip.  I”m not making any promises anymore.  The last time I did that..I fizzled out after a while.  But these videos might be uploaded every day or they just might be made afterwards.  They might not even be about this trip.    I’m not sure and I’m not making any promises.

This is a rather boring blog post isn’t it?  Let’s see if I can find something more interesting for you to read…

okay.. here’s what just happened to me while I was thinking of something to write here or link to that would be interesting.

I clicked on three links. two of those links were videos.  This one loaded first, a film made in paper about a train. with this video, about letters, loading as well. So click on those together and you get a Film made in paper about letters.  It was strange hearing the audio about letters and seeing people boarding a train.   But it was interesting enough to warrant me watching for a good minute before I realized that the two didn’t mix.   It’s amazing the power of the human brain to say “what I see is real and that’s that.”